Class of 2013!

First and foremost, Joyful Events congratulates the Class of 2013! To all of those who are graduating this year, we salute you and wish you all of life’s best!

When it comes to graduations, most graduates are simply happy to have their diploma in hand. But, we must agree, there is a certain excitement that surrounds a graduation party. Celebrating with family and friends never gets old. So, in light of this graduation season, enjoy a taste of fun ideas for graduations found below!

Dessert Graduation Caps via Pinterest

Edible Diplomas via Pinterest

I’m starting to see a trend with our posts… they almost always involve food! I suppose that’s what you get when you ask a foodie to blog about event planning. It’s also what happens when you ask an Italian foodie to blog about event planning. Well, there ya go folks. Once you have diploma in hand, the most important aspect is the food or dessert! (Just kidding! In all truth, there are many more important aspects, but like I said, here we wanted to share just a taste of a couple cute ideas.)

Happy Planning (and eating!!)


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